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Turns out Blake Lively's bronde hair was a total accident — here's why

Blake Lively might have started an accidental hair trend just by being lazy. Talk about good luck!
/ Source: TODAY

When Blake Lively stepped out with bronde hair in the summer of 2015, it instantly set the internet on fire.

So much so, that bronde is already considered one of the top hair color trends of 2017.

This barely brown, not quite blond hue has become a favorite among celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Baldwin.

But it turns out, Lively might have started the whole beauty trend by accident.

Chrissy Teigen often wades into bronde territory with her brownish, blondish color. Craig Barritt / Getty Images for Stella Artois

"I just didn’t really feel like (dyeing) it. I thought, 'I’m pregnant, I get to be selfish and not be vain, and I’m just gonna let my hair grow.'" Lively told

Hailey Baldwin is one of the latest stars to give bronde hair a try. Bauer-Griffin via FilmMagic

"It was not a choice. They called it tortoise hair or something? It was not intentional — the thing is, we didn’t want people to know we were pregnant, so (they) didn’t know for seven months," She explained. "Nobody had seen my hair in, like, five months, so (to everyone) it was just one day, I went from being blonde to having 5-inch roots, and (people) thought, 'Oh, that was a cool rock ’n’ roll choice,' but it was just pure laziness."

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Back in July 2015, Lively debuted her hair color on Instagram with the caption, "... Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo"

While it all started with a seemingly proud social media post, Lively admitted that she was actually "embarrassed" of her shade. Her friends were even teasing her and trying to convince her to change it, she told

"But it just goes to show you that if some people say it’s cool, and everybody jumps on the bandwagon and thinks it’s cool, your perception changes. So then I — along with my friends who hated it — thought it was cool," Lively explained.

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As someone who always kills it in the hair department, it's no wonder she started a whole trend by mistake. If only we could do the same!