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Blake Lively can't believe her movie makeup was confused for a makeup-free photo

"This is a partisan issue," she told Jimmy Fallon.
/ Source: TODAY

The world knows Blake Lively is a stunningly beautiful woman.

Or do they?

When the actress posted a photo recently of herself on Instagram, people apparently thought she was revealing what she looks like with and without makeup. What courage! What feminism!

"Facetune broke," she quipped in the caption.

Alas, that wasn't quite the whole story, as she told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday's "Tonight Show." She actually had makeup on in both images!

That's because the pictures reveal how Lively will look in different parts of her new film, "The Rhythm Section."

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - January 13, 2018
Blake Lively seen while filming "The Rhythm Section," which is out Friday.Gotham / GC Images

"She did this really rough look in the beginning," said Lively, pointing to the image on the right, which Fallon held up during the show. Then she pointed to the other image. "This is once I clean up. But when I posted it people were saying, 'Wow, Blake bravely shows what she looked like before and after makeup.'"

She later clarified in the caption by giving credit to the film's makeup artist, Vivian Baker, who just got nominated for an Oscar for her work on "Bombshell."

Fallon and Lively, 32, shared a chuckle over the confusion, and then she noted that the whole thing has her feeling two ways about it, because each look took Baker an hour to complete.

"This is a partisan issue," said Lively. "I'm vacillating between my vanity, which is ... 'I don't actually look like that' and also being a feminist, like, 'Why do we expect women to wake up looking like this, this isn't realistic that you wake up this beautiful.'"

"But, I would like people to believe that I wake up that beautiful," said the mom of three children, with "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds.

We already do!