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'Big-toe shoes' are the latest footwear trend — and they'll haunt your nightmares

This is one bizarre shoe trend.
The trend was all over the runways.
The trend was all over the runways.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

We've grown fond of so-called "ugly shoes," like Crocs and Birkenstocks. But there's one bizarre footwear trend we simply can't wrap our head around: "big-toe shoes."

Not familiar with the term? This wacky shoe style is exactly what it sounds like: a pair of shoes that separates your big toe from the rest. And while the style has been somewhat under the radar for a while, Refinery29 just came up with the brilliant moniker and declared it a trend.

Depending on the style, big-toe shoes put your main tootsie on display in different ways. With sandals, your big toe gets its own slot. You know, in case you want to do a statement nail and show it off.

Then there are closed-toe heels with an opening just for your big toe. To be quite honest, they look kind of uncomfortable.

During the Y/Project Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show, some models walked down the runway with big-toe shoes.
During the Y/Project Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show, some models walked down the runway with big-toe shoes. Getty Images

Big-toe booties leave something to the imagination, separating your big toe from its siblings with a closed-toe look.

Then there are big-toe ballet flats, too. Because, well, why not?

The mere thought of having a makeshift cage for our big toes makes our feet curl up in horror.

It's a creative idea, and we appreciate anything that pushes the boundaries of fashion. But big-toe shoes look more painful than pretty.

There's really something for every personality.

Still, the style can be found in all corners of the world, and is reminiscent of the Japanese Jika-tabi, also known as tabi boots, a spin on split-toe Japanese tabi socks.

Earlier this year, GQ even predicted the style would rock the menswear world after Australian actor Cody Fern sported a pair of big-toe shoes at the Golden Globes.

Australian actor Cody Fern was a trendsetter in a pair of big-toe shoes.Valerie Macon / AFP-Getty Images

But somehow, we doubt the trend will catch on.

NBC's "76th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals
Looking sharp! But are those shoes really comfy?Kevork Djansezian / NBC via Getty Images

Our feet are hoping it won't!