Beyonce's hair goes from pixie cut to long waves in 5 short weeks

Courtesy Instagram/Beyonce/Getty Images / Today
beyonce hair growth

For every woman who has impulsively chopped off her hair in hopes of emulating Jean Seberg, only to spend the next two years trapped in a steady state of grow-out-that-pixie torment, it’s time to turn to Beyonce.

After all, the pop star and fashion icon debuted what a fabulously chic pixie via Instagram on Aug. 7, but just five weeks later, those cropped locks seem to be creeping longer at a rate of about 2-inches a week, taking her from Mia Farrow to Jennifer Aniston. Here’s a look at the rapid transformation. Beyonce may be “Irreplaceable,” but her hair sure is not.


Aug. 7, 2013: The Pixie



Aug. 17, 2013: The Chin-Length Bob

Samir Hussein/WireImage


Aug. 29: The Long Bob

James Devaney/WireImage


Sept. 8: The Below-the-Shoulder Curls

During a stop on her The Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Brazil earlier this week, the mom of Blue Ivy sang and danced with curly longer locks in place, posting images from the concert on her Tumblr page. So long, pixie. Looks like your time was—er—short lived.

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