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Betty & Chris

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

About the bride: Betty is a second grade teacher.

About the groom: Chris is a construction superintendent from Phoenixville, PA.

Time together: Seven years

Engagement date: September 26, 2004

Why he's the one: "There wasn't just one moment. He's romantic, thoughtful, makes me laugh and is the real thing."

Why she's the one: "I saw how loving and giving she was and I knew I could spend the rest of my life with her."

After Betty's divorce, she wasn't in any rush to jump into another marriage, but Chris opened her heart again and showed her what happens when you have a firm foundation to build on.

One Saturday afternoon at a housing development in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, a handsome construction superintendent saw a beautiful, yet confused woman planning on building a new home. Although he was off duty, something about her just made him pull over as he thought, "She needs to have her hand held." This is the story of Chris and Betty.

Betty decided on a lot of things that afternoon; not only did she choose what she wanted for her house, but Chris proved to be a wonderful and helpful man. As the days went by, Chris would often check up on Betty while building her house — after all, it was his job! The soon-to-be couple was prepared for all of the construction, but not for the sparks that flew between them. They were electric! One day, Betty made the first move and asked Chris out to dinner. Chris confesses that he was so excited he almost jumped out of his pants!

Several years after dating, Chris knew he wanted to pop the question and prepared to propose on Betty's birthday. He took her to the Paris Hotel Restaurant in Las Vegas and sat at a special table overlooking the Bellagio Fountain. With the waiter as Chris' accomplice, dessert was brought out to Betty, and an engagement ring was perched on top of a mini chocolate replica of the Eiffel Tower. As Betty stared in astonishment, Chris got on bended knee and popped the question.

Family is very important to Betty and Chris since they both have children from previous marriages. This couple's story hasn't ended yet; it's only just beginning, as Chris and Betty get ready to experience the feeling of having a home that love literally built.