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Bethenny Frankel shares selfie to show lines on forehead: 'No work on this face'

When critics claimed a recent filter-free selfie proved she had fillers, Botox and more, the former “Real Housewives” star shot back with evidence to the contrary.
/ Source: TODAY

Bethenny Frankel recently took to Instagram to share a makeup and filter-free photo meant to show just how real the former “Real Housewives of New York City” star is.

But the stripped-down pic stirred up a controversy, with some commenters claiming the reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur had some hidden help with her appearance.

And now she has something to say about that.

It all started simply enough when Frankel shared the above photo with the caption: “The more I see photos on social media that are filtered, contoured, eyelashed, extensioned, & retouched - the more important it is to post #nofilter, real, everyday photos. I want to show our daughters (and sons) a realistic female image.”

The 49-year-old added several hashtags, including “#THISiswhatilooklike” “#noglam” and “#workingmom.”

The comments that followed called some of that into question.

“Yes no filters, but what about botox and fillers and facials and who knows what else,” one follower wrote. “So semi real.” Another agreed, writing, “Yea but you have had a lot of work done…so are you really showing a real pic???”

Others followed with similar statements, and Frankel answered them head on.

“No work on this face,” she wrote in one reply, acknowledging only that she's had “Botox injected into my jaw years ago after years of grinding and jaw muscle building and increased pain.” To another contradicting follower, she responded, “Hi angry person. Nope… you can see my face up close on my story.”

And that’s where she offered up her ultimate response — another selfie.

Bethenny Frankel saved her best response for her Instagram Stories.
Bethenny Frankel saved her best response for her Instagram Stories.bethennyfrankel / Instagram

In a photo shared to her stories, Frankel raised her eyebrows high to highlight wrinkles on her forehead and pursed her lips to point out lines around them. Over the pic, she wrote, “This one is for the haters…..I’ve earned these lines….and no filler…look at my mouth.”

She added, “These lips don’t lie…”