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Beth and Will

Naples, Florida

About the bride: Beth Bethea is a 27-year-old dermatology physician assistant.

About the groom: William McDonough is 28-years-old and a real estate attorney.

Time together: They were high school sweethearts, lost touch for 10 years, met up again and dated for 2 years before they got engaged.

Engagement date: June 1, 2007

Why he's the one: "Will and I have a past that goes back to childhood. I have a comfort because of that. Fate had a way of bringing us back together. He can make me laugh in any situation and I know he's my soul mate."

Why she's the one: "She is the one because she is the most beautiful and caring woman I've ever met my entire life. I knew it from the first minute I saw her, after 10 years, that she's the one for me. I can't believe I'm going to marry my dream girl."

Their story: Once upon a time a boy and girl played on the beach and lived happily ever after.

Beth and Will grew up in Daytona Beach. They hung out on the weekends as little kids, but went to different schools their whole lives. It was one of those things where we she knew Will McDonough and he knew Beth Bethea. Even though they were in different high schools, Will asked Beth out for the first time when he was 16. She was performing baton in a gym and when he saw her, he thought she just was stunning. He wanted to ask Beth out, but it would be the first time Will ever asked a girl on a date and he was very, very nervous. He finally got up the courage and Beth said yes.  She was 15 and he was 16 when they started to date.

After Will’s high school prom, the two went their separate ways and lost touch. But Bill’s thoughts never strayed from Beth and what would’ve been.

10 years later they both landed in Miami. When Will’s sister found out Beth was in the same city as Will she called him to let him know.  After spending a decade kicking himself for letting Beth go, Will became so excited to learn he had a second chance and knew he had to give it a shot. He immediately called Beth, but it took Beth 3 days to call Will back and he still gives her a hard time about that. When they reunited Will says it was like the 10 years they didn’t see each other evaporated and they’ve been inseparable since.  Beth says for her it was like “You’re finally here.”

On Their two year anniversary, Will proposed to Beth who through tears and laughter spent 10 minutes asking Will if he was serious until she finally said YES!