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/ Source: TODAY
By Rheana Murray

There are two types of people in this world: Those who start every morning by reading their horoscope — convinced those lucky numbers and daily musings derived by one's star sign are vital to starting the day — and those who ... well, don't really care.

Let's talk about that first group, the horoscope readers. Not only do they know their sign, but it's likely they take a specific pride in it, gushing about a Libra's knack for creating balance (guilty as charged), or a Virgo's attention to detail, for example.

So, if you have a zodiac-obsessed friend and are looking for a gift, try these unique gift ideas.

Astrology Chart Mug, $5 (usually $12), Anthropologie

These classy mugs incorporate any zodiac sign into a morning routine. Take this reviewer's feedback: "I loved my Libra mug so much I ended up buying all the other signs so I have a full set."

That's quite the endorsement!

Zodiac Pendant, $13, Amazon

Let's be honest: Lots of zodiac-themed gifts can come across as cheesy. Not these necklaces! The thin chains and subtle pendants make the look perfectly classy.

Totes Reverse-Close Folding Umbrella, $25, Amazon

All the signs are represented on this black zodiac umbrella, which has a unique reverse-folding feature to keep the water away from you when closing the umbrella.

Zodiac Trinket Dish, $10 (usually $14), Anthropologie

This trinket dish makes a chic home for rings or other jewelry — and it would look great sitting atop the vanity of your most fashionable, astrology-obsessed friend.

Horoscope Tapesty, $24, Urban Outfitters

Hang this in your home and people might not even realize it has anything to do with astrology signs. It just looks like a cool piece of art, perfect for someone who's into their sign, but not in a flashy way.

Zodiac Journal, $18, Nordstrom

These sleek journals are all sold out at Anthropologie, but Nordstrom still has some in stock! Each sign's constellation is embedded on the faux-leather cover, and the journals come in assorted colors, depending on the sign.

They also feature a pen-holder loop and a built-in ribbon bookmark, ideal for the wordsmith in your circle.

Two-Tone Zodiac Expandable Wire Bangle, $32, Bloomingdale's

From cool-girl brand Alex and Ani, this wire bangle is adjustable so it's comfortable on wrists of all sizes, and casual enough for everyday wear.

The two-tone look means it will work on people who wear silver and those who prefer yellow gold.

Star Sign Horoscope Ring, $29, Amazon

The rings are engraved with each zodiac symbol, and come with a tiny stone that represents each sign's planetary stone. Sweet and subtle.

Aries AF T-Shirt, $16, Amazon

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a funny T-shirt.

These playful "Aries AF" tees come in multiple colors and are available for other signs, too.

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