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The best way to organize photos and create projects

Here are some fun ideas for organizing photos and creating fun photo projects while social distancing for coronavirus.
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling stir crazy? TODAY lifestyle contributor Jill Martin is here to offer her top tips for productive projects while social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

To be honest, it was hard to motivate today. I am grateful that my skill set allows me to be helpful from home, because I feel so helpless.

As I say everyday, I am sending out my love and prayers to everyone.

If you are looking for things to do while stuck at home, I am going to bring you one idea a day to help you get organized. Today, I am going to show you how to organize your photos since so many of you have asked for tips. (Please message me or comment on my Instagram page for anything else you have trouble organizing.)

As a 43 year old, I grew up with disposable cameras, film and 24-hour photo shops — we used to count the minutes until the prints were ready! We, as a family, have SO many photos and, through the years, I have helped everyone get organized. Here is how to organize your print photos, digital photos and even play a game while doing so with your whole family!

One of my biggest suggestions is to send your photo orders to small businesses and support them whenever you can. Shipping back might be delayed, but I think it's worth it. And, of course, follow health and safety guidelines for opening packages that are delivered.

1. Blow up your favorite photo:

Websites like make it simple and easy to do!

2. Play a fun game:

This is a great game to play with kids. Have them put pictures of themselves in chronological order and see if they can get it correctly. Then, put in a notebook or photo album detailing the event each photo is from. A site like can help you organize photos and make collages, montages, etc.

3. Make coasters or cards:

While you're thinking of loved ones, why not make them a gift. Sites like are a great resource.

4. Make your photo into a yoga mat:

Many people have taken up yoga to stay in shape and mentally calm during this anxious times. Sites like can help you use a photo from a favorite destination to help you stay in a happy place while doing your practice. Yoga mats are also 60% right now.

5. Create a slideshow with music:

Use your phone (Apple phones make it really easy) or computer to add music and make a movie of some of your favorite memories.

6. Make a blanket:

If you miss cozying up with loved ones, why not make a blanket with a special photo using a website like

7. Make office supplies:

While many of us are able to spend more time at home with immediate family, things will change when we're no no longer working from home. Sites like have great options to create office supplies that will remind us of our loved ones. Plus, they are offering 15% off sitewide until 3/30 using the code "TWELVE."

8. DIY a corkboard:

Take any kind of corkboard and fun pushpins to organize your photos and hang on a wall.

9. Make a puzzle:

This is a two-in-one activity: creating the puzzle on a website like and then doing the puzzle once it arrives.

10. Make a memory game:

The site makes it really easy to create your own photo memory game that kids will love.

11. Decorate your space with wall tiles or wall art:

Use to turn all your favorite Instagram posts into wall decor.

And, don’t worry, I will share ideas for those VHS/DVD tapes soon!