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/ Source: TODAY
By Lyn Mettler

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Everyone’s talking about U.S. Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim right now, from her ice cream tweet heard round the world in between snowboarding runs to how the 17-year-old phenom has achieved what no other female snowboarder ever has.

The Southern California native is a frequent social media poster and beauty advocate, telling TODAY she didn’t cry after winning gold because she didn’t want to ruin her eyeliner, and talking about her beauty routines with several magazines and websites.

Kim is known for her long locks, which have sported a number of colors, including bright pink and purple, though it's now a more reserved blond for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

So how does she keep her hair looking so natural despite training in tough winter weather? “As snowboarders, we’re constantly looking at products to combat all the elements for our skin and hair — the cold, dryness, high elevation, sun and wind take its toll,” Kim told Stylecaster.

1. Skip the hair dryer.

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Kim told Seventeen magazine during a lighthearted word association game on beauty topics that she never uses a hair dryer. And when asked what she thought of when she heard the word “frizz,” she said, “morning hair.” So clearly frizz is an issue she has to combat daily.

2. Condition, condition, condition.

When it comes to conditioning, Kim told Seventeen magazine that she uses ColorProof Super Rich Moisture Conditioner to keep her color bright and prevent hair from getting dry. She told the magazine, “I purposely leave some behind so my hair continues to get conditioned for a bit even after I shower.”

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3. Add a serum for extra protection.

Her go-to, all-around hair product is Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, according to an interview with Stylecaster. “Since my hair never stays the same color for too long, it helps to keep my hair super healthy,” said Kim. “I can really feel how it conditions it, keeps it nice and silky, and helps to combat major frizz. I think it also helps me to dry my hair a lot quicker, which is important for me and the cold weather we train in.”

This serum is also available at Walmart for $17.

And about that eyeliner she’s so hesitant to ruin? She told Stylecaster that Stila Waterproof Eyeliner and Too Faced Mascara are her favorites these days.

The snowboarder also partners with South Korean brand Laneige and posts frequently about their skin care and makeup products like BB Cushion with SPF 50+ and Water Bank Essence.

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