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/ Source: TODAY
By Aly Walansky

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There's nothing better than a rocking new signature nail shade for fall, but finding the right color can be difficult, and weekly manicures get expensive.

TODAY Style is here to help! We asked celebrity manicurists to share their favorite nail colors to DIY a mani and make a statement this season.

1. Smith & Cult in Darjeeling Darling, $18, Dermstore

“I personally have been craving deep jade or forest green nails for some time now, but in the summer I just couldn't stop using the fun brights! Darjeeling Darling has caught my eye. Its such a fun transitional color like 'Yes, fall is here!'" said celebrity nail artist Erica Marton, who is based in Miami and New York.

2. Smith & Cult in Dark Like Me, $18, Dermstore

“This is a classic '90s, vampy aubergine. When clients start requesting this shade, I know the season has officially changed ... then I get antsy to paint my own nails this color! To make it look extra chic, cut or file your nails down. It looks so much cooler with shorter nails! Where’s my hot coffee and short, vampy nail ladies at?!” said Marton, whose clients include Rashida Jones, Mary Louise Parker, Martha Stewart, Cameron Diaz and Bette Midler.

3. Caption in Romance vs. Reality, $12, Dermstore

“This lavender-gray hue is really an amazing neutral, especially if you still have a little tan leftover from summer. It can be tricky to find a cool neutral while your tan is disappearing, and this is my go-to!” said Marton.

4. Zoya in Rue, $10, Amazon

“This rosy neutral is a good break from the sheer pinks we've all been wearing on and off during the warmer months. It's natural but with just the right amount of color,” said Marton.

5. Zoya in Debbie, $10, Amazon

“Every few years, color trends come and go. I feel like brown has been trying to claw her way back on the nail scene for a while now. It took until the middle of summer for me to warm up to the idea — especially with all the '90s rage on the fashion front! Now I am so excited to paint my nails brown. Zoya nailed it with this a rich plum hue ... swoon! Fall we have arrived!” said Marton.

6. Butter London in All Hail to the Queen, $15, Dermstore

“This color is in the family of nudes for fall, which gives hands a polished look,” said celebrity manicurist Jackie Saulsberry.

7. Dermelect in Gilded, $14, Dermstore

“This looks amazing on hands, with its olive base tone, and is perfect for fall,” said Saulsberry, who has worked with Adele, Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson.

8. Essie in Carry On, $9, Dermstore

“This color speaks volumes because it screams ‘fall!’ morning, noon and night. It is a great pick for the holidays,” said Saulsberry.

9. Duri in Live it up, $6, Amazon

“You will the love this color more and more because of the way its olive-toned shade looks on hands,” said Saulsberry.

10. China Glaze in Free Love, $4, Amazon

"I love this color because it's a warm orange with a bit of shimmer. it reminds me of a glittery pumpkin!" said Tracylee Percival, a celebrity nail artist.

11. Zoya in Marnie, $10, Amazon

"With nude nail colors being on trend this season, Marnie is a great nude for darker skin tones. For lighter skin tones, this rich mocha color will complement cozy fashion for fall," said Percival, whose clients include Cate Blanchett, Olivia Munn, Mariah Carey and Leslie Mann.