TODAY's Bobbie Thomas shares her favorite at-home spa treatments

Facial cupping at home? It's possible!
Bobbie Thomas
Nathan Congleton
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By Bobbie Thomas

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Summer can be a crazy time of year with vacations, kids and taking advantage of all that sunshine.

But it’s still important to take some time for yourself during this hectic season.

So our Style Squad beauty guru Bobbie Thomas has highlighted the buzziest at-home spa treatments for a relaxing and rejuvenating girls' night in.

Face Time

Based on an ancient form of acupuncture, facial cupping is the latest skin therapy that has beauty editors and bloggers talking. The small silicone cups act like tiny (painless!) vacuums on the skin, massaging the muscles of the face to encourage blood flow and increase circulation.

The gentle suction leaves only a bit of redness after each use, much like getting a facial at a spa, and the benefits are said to be far-reaching. Some say adding facial cupping to your daily skin care routine can improve muscle tone, reduce puffiness, firm the skin and help diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Coolife Facial Cupping Therapy Set, $11, Amazon

Looking for the latest and greatest tech tools designed to give your skin care routine a boost? Foreo and Nurse Jamie both offer an array of massagers and rollers designed to make your skin care products more effective, stimulate blood flow and boost collagen.

Iris Under-Eye Massager, $139, Foreo

Also available at Sephora, Dermstore and Amazon.

Luna Fofo, $89, Foreo

Also available at Sephora.

Foreo’s Luna fofo is a facial cleansing brush using smart technology that syncs to an app on your phone to “track and respond to internal and external factors that affect skin health, including changes in climate, diet and water intake,” and then recommends a custom care routine based on the results.

Nurse Jamie Beauty Roller, $69, Sephora

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Also available at Revolve, Dermstore and Nordstrom.

Nurse Jamie Triangle Facial Beauty Tool, $159, Sephora

Also available at Revolve and Net-A-Porter.

No-Mess Masks

No girls’ night in is complete without a masking moment. And if you’re looking for ways to soothe, smooth and rejuvenate without the mess, try a steam mask for your eyes, or an innovative adhesive patch mask — both of which are meant to be left on while you sleep. (It’s said that your skin does its best repair work while you’re sleeping, by the way!)

Gentle Steam Eye Mask, $10, Amazon

Also available at Walmart.

The Gentle Steam Eye Mask uses warm steam and a relaxing lavender scent to soothe tired eyes (and sales have topped 500 million units!). The soft straps hug ears to keep the mask in place while you doze.

Sio Silicone Facelift Patches, $50, Sio Beauty

Also available at Amazon.

Sio offers medical-grade silicone patches (which can be reused up to 15 times) that work overnight to smooth wrinkles while you sleep.

They aim to deliver deep hydration and promote the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and collagen. You can also wear the patches for just a few hours (like before a big event) for a quick boost.

Musely Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set, $48, Musely

Also available at Amazon.

Musely has a collection of hydrogel patches that apply like a dry sheet mask — the outer layer feels soft and dry, and the inner layer feels like solid, rubbery gel (it's not wet like a traditional sheet masks) — so you can comfortably wear them while sleeping without worrying they’ll slip off and dirty your linens.

The thick hydrogel layer has tiny holes in it so the liquid inside is slowly released into your skin over the course of the night, and when you wake up, the gel is gone.

Furlesse Self-Adhesive Patches, $17, Amazon

Furlesse offers four different packets of one-time use overnight patches, each designed to focus on a different area of the face while you sleep, including forehead wrinkles, crow’s-feet and lip lines. Each $20 packet includes a 30-day supply of patches.

Booty Call

We often overlook skin care when it comes to the parts of our body we don’t see every day — including the toosh!

Anese That Booty Tho Bum Scrub and Exfoliant, $31, Revolve

Also available at Spring.

Treat your derriere to some extra tender, loving care in the form of masks and scrubs. Start with the exfoliating scrub from Anese, which is supposed to target stretch marks, cellulite, acne and dry skin, while also aiming to smooth skin and stimulate healthy blood flow.

Bawdy "Shake It" Butt Mask, $8, Free People

Also available at Amazon and Credo.

Next, give your bum the same luxe treatment as your face with the Bawdy Butt Mask, which comes in four different varieties, each with specific benefits — although all of them are formulated to tone and help contour your butt, leaving it feeling taut and smooth!

Bawdy "Bite It" Butt Mask, $8, Credo Beauty

Also available at Amazon.

At-Home Pedicure Assistant

Last but not least, not many women would say giving themselves a pedicure at home is easy. But you can get the perfect angle (plus lighting and a fan!) thanks to a nifty prop called the Stedi Pedi.

Stedi Pedi At-Home Pedicure Assistant, $30, Amazon

Also available at The Grommet.

This at-home pedicure assistant slides between your couch or chair cushions and is held in place when you sit down. Simply prop your foot on the elevated platform and voila!

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