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12 unique gift cards from Amazon that make great last minute Mother's Day gifts

Well, actually you can just go ahead and print them out.
A roundup of the most creative gift cards on Amazon
A roundup of the most creative gift cards on AmazonAmazon
/ Source: TODAY

Forget to get something for mom this Mother's Day? No worries, TODAY Shopping has you covered!

Instead of showing up empty handed or buying last-minute, overpriced flowers from the store down the street, get mom something she'll actually enjoy - a gift card. There's no reason gift certificates can't make a perfectly thoughtful present, and you can actually print out a bunch of them straight off Amazon.

Here are 12 of the most creative (and useful) options we've found for Mother's Day 2018.

Sephora gift card, Amazon

What mom doesn't love to treat herself? Whether she's into makeup, hair care or facial products, Sephora is a beauty-lover's paradise. Next time she uses that fancy Korean face mask she's been dying to try, she'll think of you!

Uber gift card, Amazon

You're not just giving a free ride. You're giving the gift of no stress the next time your mom has one too many drinks while out to dinner, or her ride to the airport falls through. You really can't put a price on that (but in this case, you really can, ranging from $25 to $500).

Southwest Airlines gift card, Amazon

For all those "experiences over things" types, there's no better way to encourage an adventurous spirit than by contributing anywhere from $50 to $200 to mom's next getaway. If you don't live near mom, this doubles as a sweet way to encourage her to visit!

GAP gift card, Amazon

Surprisingly, Amazon offers up quite a few printable gift cards for clothing brands we love! From Old Navy to Athleta, there's power in gifting store credit so mom can buy something she'll actually want to wear.

Spotify gift card, Amazon

This music-streaming service is technically free, but a $9.99/month premium membership allows users to skip advertisements, make playlists and generally live their best music-lover lives. A gift card, available in $30 or $60 increments, is the perfect way to help keep the beat.

Lowe's gift card, Amazon

We all know the unique panic of an unexpected home repair, or the urge to splurge on a new appliance we don't really need. Lowe's $50 to $200 gift card calls are also known as "the gift of home," and really, there's nothing more precious.

Airbnb gift card, Amazon

You may think giving your mom a vacation would be prohibitively expensive. But Airbnb's low-cost travel lodgings have changed the game. For just $25 to $100, you can float a weekend away in many areas, or chip in toward a longer trip she's been meaning to take.

Whole Foods gift card, Amazon

We know, we know — a grocery gift card seems almost offensively unglamorous. But trust us, there's nothing that the aspiring chef or baker mom in your life would like more than not having to think twice before buying that fancy cheese or artisanal honey. This $50 card even comes with its own gift box.

AMC Theaters gift card, Amazon

Movie ticket prices these days are no joke, and even the most devoted cinephile is likely to suffer from some sticker shock. A $50 gift card should cover a date night or two — plus snacks.

Netflix gift card, Amazon

Perhaps your loved ones prefer movie nights on the couch? For $25 to $150, you can enable your favorite homebody for months to come. We just hope you weren't planning on seeing them out on a Friday night anytime soon.

Tabasco gift card, Amazon

We all have that friend (or mom) who puts hot sauce on everything. Show them you care with reassurance that they'll never run out of the good stuff. Gift cards run from $25 to $50 (which, by the way, can buy a lot of hot sauce).

Amazon gift card, Amazon

Um, duh. You can get pretty much everything on Amazon. And who doesn't want everything for Mother's Day? Give up to $2,000 of everything with a reloadable Amazon gift card.