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This is the only curl cream that doesn't make my hair feel crunchy

Thanks to this curl cream, I now feel like I've won the hair lottery.
Curly hair product Kerastase
Curly hair product Kerastase
/ Source: TODAY

Having curly hair is both a gift and a curse. On days when my air-dried strands fall into a soft, sexy wave with no effort on my part, I feel like I’ve won the hair lottery; then there are times when my curls plot as rebel forces against me. But despite this emotional roller coaster, I’d never wish away my curls. Instead, I’ve simply developed methods to manage them.

Product loyalty, above all, has helped my hair maintain some semblance of normalcy. There was a time when I found myself testing several products at once and hunting for the holy grail of curl elixirs, but I discovered that flip-flopping from product to product doesn’t give your hair time to adjust, nor does it give you the chance to figure out what really works (and doesn’t).

So when I found my hair-care soul mate several years ago, I stuck with it, and I’ve been loyal to Kérastase’s curl line ever since. It used to take a lot for me to stay loyal to any one brand — I was always so impatient, waiting to see results — but there was something refreshing about the consistent results I got from each of the line’s products.

Kérastase’s latest curl cream — a revamped version of the original, which I also loved — has found an honorary spot in my regular beauty arsenal. Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Curl Crème promises to define locks, enhance hydration and shine, and promote relaxed, frizz-free curls without any crunchiness. Quite a tall order, huh? Thankfully, it lives up to the hype.

I’m pretty lazy with my beauty routine, so I’m obsessed with styling products that let me air dry my hair and go about my business. This, in my opinion, is the best part about Kérastase Discipline Oléo-Curl Crème. The refreshing scent doesn’t hurt, either!

At $27 on Amazon, it’s not exactly pocket change, but it comes in a tube that that lasts me months. I typically run a quarter-sized dollop between my locks, focusing on the mid-shaft to the ends and avoiding my roots. When it dries, my hair is soft and touchable with a light, bouncy curl that lasts several days. It’s basically the tinted moisturizer of hair products; it gives you a polished finish without all the product residue.

At the end of the day, the thing I love most about my curly hair is the ability to shake my head effortlessly and avoid hot tools at all costs. Thanks to this product, I can (usually) achieve that.

Here are some other curl creams we've written about that celebrity stylists and hairdressers alike can't get enough of:

According to Monae Everett, who's worked with Jessica Lucas, Taraji P. Henson and the legendary Gladys Knight, “this is a go-to product for natural and curly hair prep. Use this foam at night on damp or dry braids and twists. Allow to dry. Unravel twists/braids in the morning and embrace your 'fabulosity.'”

“This lightweight beauty balm is my go-to product for taming frizz and creating beautiful, shiny hair. It works equally well on fine, straight hair as it does on course or curly hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair as well (a little goes a long way), and it’s an excellent heat protectant for when you’re using hot appliances,” says Julie Dickson, founder and head stylist at Pembley Hair Salon in New York City.

"I love [this product] because it's a strong hold gel that's also flexible and not stiff or sticky. It's also very versatile in that it can be used to blow out, slick down, diffuse curls or even set hair in rollers. It's a handy go-to in a pinch when other products are not available; or [it's] just a way to streamline your hair-care arsenal,” said Gregg Giannillo, whose celebrity clients include Vanessa Williams and her daughter, Jillian Hervy.