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These are the perfect black tights to get you through winter

My favorite pair is just $11 right now.
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I love dresses.

While some may view them as too much effort, I see them as quite the opposite: effortless and thoughtless. After all, dresses don’t require all the time and energy that can go into putting together an outfit. They are the outfit in and of themselves. In other words, you're one and done.

That ease changes, of course, when the weather starts to get cooler and the stress of having to piece together separates is replaced with constantly having to do "the tights dance." You know the one: Where you spend 20 minutes of your morning trying on pair after pair from your drawer in hopes of finding the one pair that survived the frustrating and frequent runs and holes. Or you toss those and purchase new ones only to then go through the same process in a few wears. (If you’re lucky, they won’t give out in the middle of an important meeting.)

I bought cheap tights because I was sick of spending money, and then expensive designer pairs because I thought they were worth the splurge. After all, who would dare charge $30 to $40 on pantyhose that won’t last? Seemingly everyone. One by one, they’ve all let me down (if not within a few wears, at least by the season’s end). That is, except a certain precious pair from Express — and they're currently on sale!

Super Opaque Full Tights

I received these tights from my mom for Christmas (I believe it was three years ago; it might even be four). She still fills my stocking each year and, considering my struggle, she usually adds tights, so I can prepare for the new season.

The tights didn’t seem much different from many of the others I’d owned. They were very opaque, a little thicker but not as thick as many wool-lined styles I’d tried. The only thing that really set them apart was that they kept going.

No holes. No runs. Just glorious opaque coverage time and time again. To this day, they are my longest-running pair, outlasting every other one that I have purchased.

You have to try the Super Opaque Full Tights — but if you aren't quite convinced, below are a few other great options.

The best black tights

1. Manzi Run Resistant Control Top Tights

These run-resistant tights have a slimming control top — it's no wonder this style has nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon and boasts a 4.4-star rating.

2. Hue Women's Opaque Sheer Tights

With 14 different colors to pick from, these opaque tights are sure to match any outfit. As a note, reviews say that these run small so we would recommend sizing up.

3. Wolford Satin Opaque 50 Tights

These Wolford tights have been described as "well worth every penny" by Amazon reviewers and continue to be a top-rated favorite among shoppers.

4. Heat Holders Women’s Genuine Thermal-Brushed Tights

Heat Holders tights have a soft brushed inside, which maximizes the amount of hot air held against the skin and helps with insulation against the cold, according to the brand.

5. Jiayi Women's Sheer To Waist Sexy Silk Pantyhose Tights

These tights are thinner than the others on this list and come in five different sizes. They're perfect for those warmer days and when spring is near.

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