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'Best best men' indeed: Watch these groomsmen's hilarious wedding dance

Daniel Filippi and Cole Peterson really just might be the "best best men" ever.
/ Source: TODAY

Daniel Filippi and Cole Peterson really just might be the "best best men" ever.

At the wedding of Kelli Burbridge and their childhood friend Jeff Bangerter, Filippi and Peterson decided to up the ante a bit with a dance performance that would make Beyoncé quake in her boots — and lucky for us, the whole thing was filmed by Peterson's brother, Cody, and uploaded to YouTube.

“We really started planning it two months before the wedding," Filippi told "We whittled down the songs for a while, but we didn’t really start to actually practice and get things together until two weeks before the wedding."

"During that first week, we kind of learned the dance separately, and then we met up that weekend before the wedding and worked on the performance for 12 hours one day," he explained. "The last time we ran it was the morning of the wedding."

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And to make matters even more exciting, the newlyweds had no idea what was about to go down.

"Everybody was losing it," the groom explained with a laugh. "We were like, 'What’s happening right now?'"

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Joy wasn't the only emotion running high, of course.

"I was already pretty emotional because I'd just had the dance with my mom, and Cole had just made me cry, like, 20 minutes earlier with his toast," Bangerter continued. "So to have this dance happen ... It was just totally awesome."

But why spend so much time and effort on a dance? The co-best men have a simple explanation.

"Jeff and Kelli are very special and dear to our hearts," Filippi said. "We merely wanted to do something that would be special and stand out, and this seemed fitting. It was a lot of work, yes, but it was a really nice surprise."