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See the new nail art trend that could replace your rings

Bejeweled nail art is the perfect way to mark the season. Try this easy tutorial now!
/ Source: TODAY

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but if we can't have gems on our fingers, we may as well wear them on our nails!

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Jewel-encrusted nail art is a great way to add detail or an accent to a single nail. However, there's no rule to say you can't do it to a whole manicure!

This look has tons of versatility: You can use it on natural nails, gel color or even stickers and it comes in all sorts of colors and shapes. The most important part of the process is taking the time to apply the jewels slowly and with precision, because no one wants nails where half the design has fallen off!

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This process, however, doesn't have to involve a salon. The experts at Paintbox in New York City shared the easiest tutorial with TODAY for creating this bejeweled look in the comfort of your own home.

J is for... Jewel encrusted

1. Prep the nail and apply base coat. Allow to dry.

2. Grab any nail polish that suits your mood and paint as you normally would.

2. Apply a strip of top coat where you want the jewels to be.

Pro tip: We placed them down the middle to make a glitzy statement.

3. Using an orange wood stick first dipped into top coat, pick up a jewel and press lightly onto the wet top coat.

4. Finish off with a layer top coat over the entire nail and allow to dry.

Pro tip: Make sure this final swipe of top coat goes over the jewels to really seal them onto the nail.