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Bethenny Frankel shares candid critique of Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line

SKKN by Kim was added to the long list of beauty brands that Frankel has reviewed on social media.
/ Source: TODAY

Bethenny Frankel is rolling out another beauty review on social media, this time for Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line: SKKN by Kim.

Frankel shared a video on her Instagram and TikTok reviewing two products from SKKN by Kim, which launched on June 21. In the caption of one of the videos, Frankel teased the clip, writing, “Another day, another celebrity beauty brand. They’re not all created equal.”

“I bought these two products, the exfoliator and the under eye product, because I know these two products very well, meaning this category of skincare,” Frankel explained, before sharing her first jab at Kardashian’s skincare line. “Any line that makes it like you really need to do all of the steps is just doing a smash and grab job because your skin is different every day.”

When reviewing the eye cream, Frankel described the packaging as “bulbous” and that it was “impractical at best.” She explained, “I don’t understand it because it doesn’t stack. I don’t have a circular house or medicine cabinet. It doesn’t even have a flat bottom, so it’s effectively like an egg.”

Frankel referred to the packaging for the exfoliator as “crazy” and “gigantic,” asking the question, “How are you going to travel with this? You have to be a billionaire to use this product, because if you don’t have a private plane, how are you traveling with this?”

“It’s just not practical and I’m a very practical and organized person,” she said. “This shocks me, because don’t the Kardashian’s organize their jelly beans by color?”

While Frankel — who once had her own makeup like called Skinnygirl Beauty — said that she liked the type of exfoliant in the product, questioning if it was worth the price, she answered herself it was “unlikely.”

“As far as the eye cream... luxurious product, very nice, like a melted butter consistency, but not like ultra rich,” she said, before joking, “It’s not Kardashian rich. It’s richer than I am, maybe, but it’s not Kardashian rich.”

Kim Kardashian, left, Bethenny Frankel.
Kim Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel.Getty Images

Frankel agreed that it was “quality” skincare, but the packaging was “extremely impractical.” The entrepreneur added, “I know that it’s very ecologically sound. It’s a good quality product, that’s likely somewhat overpriced but most beauty is overpriced.”

Kardashian spoke to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie about SKKN by Kim on the day the line launched back in June. At the time, Kardashian said that the product line was “exactly what I use,” explaining that it’s a nine-step system for day and night.

“I think people were really wanting me to go with just a few products and launching with something," she explained. "And at my age, there is a lot that goes into making sure that my skin is well taken care of and I wanted to share exactly what I use."

Frankel has become well known on social media for providing her honest reviews of beauty brands, especially when it comes to pricey luxury products. She also recently shared her opinion on Selena Gomez’s line Rare Beauty, which received negative backlash when she criticized the packaging which was designed specifically for ease of use according to the brand's website.

In a follow up video shared on TikTok, Frankel explained that she reviews products from the perspective of a consumer looking to find products that perform well.

“If Selena Gomez designed a package for people with autoimmune issues, that’s beautiful and that’s her choice,” she said. “If Kim Kardashian wants something on your countertop that looks like decor versus to travel with, that’s her line, that’s her choice. I’m just a consumer discussing how I’m interfacing with the product, that’s my whole M.O.”