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5 things a hairstylist would never do to their own hair

Put down that volumizing shampoo!
/ Source: TODAY

As a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with star clients including Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes, Joseph Maine knows exactly what to do — and what not to do — to keep hair healthy and gorgeous.

Maine, the artistic director of Color Wow and co-founder of the hair tools and products brand Trademark Beauty, busted some myths about hair care in a TODAY segment on March 23.

He revealed some common mistakes he would never make himself as a hairstylist, from using hot tools incorrectly to picking the wrong elastics — and we’re taking notes.

Here are five things you should never do to your hair, according to Maine.

Never use 'volumizing' or 'de-frizzing' shampoo. 

Plenty of shampoos promise to volumize or de-frizz your hair, but these products can actually just lead to buildup, impeding healthy hair growth. This extra buildup can also affect styling and leave your hair with a greasy appearance.

Never sleep in an elastic.

If you want to tie your hair back overnight, don’t use ordinary elastic bands. These can cause breakage over time. Instead, try a scrunchie or silk elastic to protect your strands. 

If you do use an elastic, try not to pull it out, as this can pull out hair. Consider cutting off the elastic instead to minimize damage.

Never use hot styling tools after hair spray.

Some people think that using styling tools after applying hair spray helps the style hold better, but it actually has the opposite effect. And in fact, applying heat after hair spray can make the moisture on the hair combust, which can be damaging. 

Instead, use a thermal protectant while your hair is still wet or damp before any heat styling, and only use hair spray after heat tools have been used.

Never judge a product based on its price. 

It’s a big misconception that pricier products are always the best options for your hair. Rather, look for products with ingredients  that will work best for your hair. Single-ingredient products are often the best; don’t be fooled by products in fancy packaging that are heavy on fragrance.

Never cut your hair to make it grow.

Getting regular trims is important because your ends will split and break off, which makes hair appear shorter. However, regular trims will not make your hair grow any faster. If you’re looking to grow your hair, use great conditioners and thermal protectants to keep your hair healthy.