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Beat the heat! Cool clothing, melt-proof makeup and more

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas shares her best finds for looking and feeling your best this summer.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

When the temperature spikes, being stylish may be last on your list. But leave it to TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas to offer a few tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling your best on these scorching summer days: Cool clothing tips
The heat wave may have you eager to peel back the layers, but that doesn't always work when you want to look professional. While a lightweight linen or silk blazer is a summer staple that can add polish to more casual tanks, consider a sheer or lace layering item as well. American Apparel offers chic pieces like their El Salvador Lace Tee that you can wear over or under strappy dresses or with a camisole to keep you cool and covered, instantly making a more revealing look office appropriate ($38; Just be sure to avoid any overtly lingerie-inspired items better suited for the boudoir.

And while it's helpful to stay light and loose, you also don't want to lose your shape. Swap your go-to belt in favor of a long necklace that will flatter your form or try a twist on your favorite, flowy maxi dress by hiking up the hemline. Just fold your skirt in half by tucking the bottom edge into your waistband — viola! An instant, no sew trick. Or use a safety pin to simply cinch up a section of the hem to create a faux slit or asymmetrical look.

Lastly, when it come to keeping cool, start with your foundation. Jockey has a StayCool underwear collection that is made of a breathable, cotton/spandex blend and designed with Outlast technology to help you feel up to 3 degrees cooler ($21-24;
Melt-proof your makeup
While we all want a glow, we don’t necessarily want to shine. First things first, eliminate the need for all those extra layers of moisture and minimize with a multitasker. Dr. Jart's BB cream acts as your moisturizer, SPF, coverage and more, all in one tube ($39; A primer can offer extra protection, but you can also swap your foundation for a water-resistant mineral pressed powder that will hold up through humidity, sweat, and likely a swim ($40; or $35;

Similarly, try trading out your eyeliner for a shadow. Instead of lining your eyes with a waxy pencil that can easily smear or smudge on sweltering day, use a small round or flat angle tip brush to apply eyeshadow. Powders will last longer, and wet/dry eyeshadows offer you rich color and control. Blend the powder on dry for a soft, smoky look, or apply wet to enhance the pigment and get a more precise application. Yves Saint Laurent's Pure Chromatics ($48; and Maybelline's Color Plush Silk ($9.99; are both great options. Beat body heat
Sweat and odor are two of the most infamous summertime irritants but you can combat them thanks to a slew of clever products. Summer Soles Ultra Absorbent Insoles are a quick way for both men and women to keep their feet dry during long treks in sneakers, flats, loafers and more. Just peel, stick and you're go to go ($14.99; Silver Linings Shoe Inserts are another favorite that offer a hi-tech take on the problem of foot odor. The pads utilize real silver ions, a naturally occurring antimicrobial that sterilizes and eliminates bacteria at the source, making the linings a great choice for preserving your favorite pair ($15.99; Another on-the-go tip: applying antiperspirant deodorant to your feet can help prevent blisters! The formulation cuts down on friction, promotes dryness and acts as a barrier against chafing. For all of my girlfriends with "girlfriends," the washable Wick' em Bra Liner is a smart solution for dreaded chest sweat ($19.95; In a pinch, panty liners can even be applied to the inside of a bra or to the underarm of a shirt to absorb excess moisture (desperate times call for desperate measures!) Next up is a unique item with a cult-like following — it's called Anti-Monkey Butt. Yes, you read the name correctly! The calamine and talc powder originated in the world of biking as a remedy for chafing, but it can bring relief to anyone with itchy, sticky or sweaty skin ($5.99,

Summertime also brings stains; from ring around the collar to make-up and bronzer build-up, both men and women can scoop up Block It Now, a soft fabric tape that protects the inside of shirt collars, blazers, hats and more. It can even help reduce laundry loads and dry cleaning bills ($14.95;

Last but not least, there are a few fun beauty products that can help you feel a bit more glamorous and fresh, even in the hot and stickiest of situations. MBeze's "Deodorettes" are an adorably sized natural deodorant, perfect for tucking in your purse. You can touch up throughout the day with chic scents like "Koko Haze" and "Sweet Sanura" ($10; Last but not least, Korres' "Yoghurt Cooling Gel" for face and body is another way to bring down your body temperature, especially after a long day in the sun. Korres even suggests keeping the product in the freezer or fridge for an extra dose of chilliness and relaxation — two things all of us could use more of during this sizzling summer ($23.50;