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Barbie's beau Ken gets 'Dad bod,' hipster makeovers from shopping site Lyst

by Alexandra Zaslow / / Source: TODAY

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Women aren't the only ones who need plastic role models.

After Mattel's release of curvy, petite and tall Barbies on Thursday, Twitter users demanded a matching makeover for Ken, the fictional boyfriend of the iconic doll.

"Real men don't all look like Ken, just as real women don't all look like Barbie — so it's about time the doll was more reflective and a bit more body positive," Katherine Ormerod, editorial director at Lyst, told

Lyst, a U.K.-based e-commerce website, took the Internet's request to heart and created a "Fashionisto" Ken line, including Beach DadBod Ken, Bearded Hipster Ken and Balding Ken. They also designed an African American, Asian and petite Ken.

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"Taking the new Barbie lineup as a starting point, we tried to mirror some of her changes, while adding in some distinctly male realities," Ormerod said. "Not all men have a six-pack, thus the 'dad bod' belly. Equally not all men can boast a full head of hair, so we wanted show that with the balding hairstyle."

 The new 'Fashionisto' Ken doll Courtesy of Lyst

"Bearded Hipster Ken is definitely the most popular," Katy Lubin, public relations manager at Lyst, told "He embodies what a lot of women want their ideal boyfriend to look like. He even has a tattoo of Barbie — people pick up on those details."

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Although the doll hasn't been created yet, they sport actual items sold on, which were chosen after their team researched the most popular items purchased by men over the last year.

"The new Ken dolls reflect modern man's real appearance, plus real fashion tastes," Lyst's press release states.

Lyst also discovered that the average man is spending $80 more than women per purchase, which makes Ken's wardrobe worth about 27 percent more than Barbie's, according to the press release.

"We've been inundated with requests for us to produce and sell the dolls, which gives a real insight into the appeal of the more diverse Kens," Ormerod said.

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Introduced as Barbie's beau in 1961, the Ken doll has gone through many changes over half a century -- yet always remained the perfect boyfriend.

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