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Bangs or no bangs: How your hair could affect your dating life

Do these celebrities look better with bangs or without bangs? The answer just might affect your online dating prowess, as two women tested.
/ Source: TODAY

To get bangs or not to get bangs: It's a question every woman has asked herself at one time or another to change up her look or try something new. Except one woman has come to the conclusion that men (on Tinder, anyway) actually prefer them.

Allure beauty news editor Catherine Quinn O'Neill wrote that two of her friends saw their Tinder popularity soar after they adopted bangs. One friend who was contemplating bangs even uploaded pictures of herself on Tinder without them to track how many matches and messages she received in one week. She then repeated the process once she cut them.

The results? Without bangs, she received 48 matches and with bangs she received 84. Not exactly conclusive for all women, but noteworthy nonetheless.

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Now, we're asking you. For each of the celebrities listed below, do you prefer bangs or no bangs?

Natalie Morales

Taylor Swift

Zooey Deschanel

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Tyra Banks

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Garner

Hillary Duff

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Rose Byrne

Christina Ricci

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Biel

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Emma Stone

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