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Balloon pants take parachute pants to the next level

The internet cannot get over these inflatable trousers.
These latex pants were blown up for a runway show and deflated afterwards.
These latex pants were blown up for a runway show and deflated afterwards.Roger Dean
/ Source: TODAY

One daring designer has taken the concept of wide-legged pants to a whole new level.

Harikrishnan, a student at the London College of Fashion, recently created inflatable trousers, and the unconventional design has left many people in shock.

After Twitter user @archive2222 shared a photo of the exaggerated style on Tuesday, social media fans flooded the post with spirited reactions. Most people noticed that the pants closely resembled a pretty sensitive part of the male anatomy and quickly gave the trousers punny names like "ball bottoms" and "ball-oon pants."

Some folks said the pants looked a bit like bowling pins or lightbulbs.

And for many, the latex style reminded them of a popular character from the film "Big Hero 6."

Of course, some Twitter users couldn't help but think of MC Hammer, whose infamous pair of drop-crotch, wide-legged pants took on his moniker. Others wondered where and how you'd store the voluminous design.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time the social media community had heard of inflatable pants.

The daring design even made some folks think of a famous scene from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."

Harikrishnan, a 26-year-old student from Kerala, India, told Vogue UK he first got the idea for the design while walking his dog, Kai. As he started to think about how he might look from Kai's perspective, the designer began to think about the concept of distortion in fashion.

The latex pants are quite literally inflatable.
The latex pants are quite literally inflatable.Roger Dean

“People connect to the inflatable trousers because they are unfamiliar,” he explained. “We see the same things again and again through social media, so I wanted to invite them to question why this is by creating a new ‘unfamiliar’ visual.”

They even came in different colors!
They even came in different colors!Roger Dean

So, how exactly did Harikrishnan breathe life into those larger-than-life pants? The 3D design started as a clay model. The designer later used a pump to blow up the actual trousers at the fashion show.

Alas, the pants aren't actually for sale.
Alas, the pants aren't actually for sale.Roger Dean

But before you get too intrigued by the design, keep this in mind: You won't actually be able to buy them. “I have no intention to sell them,” Harikrishnan said.