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This professional ballerina is owning her cellulite in a beautiful way

She shared a beautiful moment of self-acceptance.
/ Source: TODAY

Professional ballerina Kylie Shea has a pretty powerful message for any woman who's ever struggled to embrace her cellulite. The dancer and actress got real about her journey to self-acceptance and showed off her gorgeous figure — cellulite and all — in an inspiring Instagram post that's garnered over 58K likes.

Shea opened up about how she's had cellulite since she was a teenager. After an important moment of self-reflection on Monday, the dancer decided to get candid with fans and share a "raw and unedited" photo of herself with a refreshingly honest caption.

“I just finished a very special job this week and have been training incredibly hard to prepare, and today when I looked in the mirror," Shea wrote. "I found myself for the first time not judging my cellulite like I usually do and I was compelled to share this part of me that has always felt so uncomfortable."

"Social media seems to be flooded with women that have not even a square inch of cellulite, as does the classical ballet world, and so I just wanted anyone out there who struggles with this to know that you are not alone," she continued.

Like many of us, the dancer has dealt with cellulite since she was a teenager, and it's always made her feel a bit insecure. Shea has also struggled with unhealthy eating habits over the years, so she felt sharing her latest moment of clarity was worth it. We certainly agree.

"We all have days when our confidence shines from the inside out and moments when our insecurities are crippling," Shea told TODAY Style. "The days we struggle are the days it’s most important to be kind and patient with ourselves. It is equally important to be in good company and with people who love us."

Her candid declaration of self-acceptance has clearly struck a chord.

"You are beautiful!! Thank you THANK YOU for this for now I know I am not alone," one follower wrote. Another shared the same sentiments, writing: "Thank you so much for sharing this!!! It means more than you can ever know! Strong and healthy bodies can still be beautiful with ‘cosmetic imperfection.’"

Shea is thrilled that her message has touched so many fans, and hopes it will help women feel less alone.

"I never imagined such a simple shot would get such a strong response!" Shea told TODAY. "I wanted anyone who has struggled with this issue to know that they are not alone. The number of women who are relating to this and coming together to promote positive body image is a greater gift than I could have ever imagined."