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Is this bag blue or white? #MyBag is this year's #TheDress

After the internet spent 2015 arguing over the color of #TheDress, it has moved on to accessories. So, what color is this bag?
/ Source: TODAY

Now that the internet is done arguing about the color of #TheDress, it has moved on to accessories.

Namely, what color is this bag?

Kate Spade questionable color bag
The latest item causing an internet argument over its color is this Kate Spade bag. Is it blue or white? @whyofcorso / twitter

A since-deleted tweet by Taylor Corso on Tuesday initially showed a picture of a Kate Spade bag accompanied by the words: "Say hello to my new baby."

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That immediately kicked off an avalanche of responses over whether the bag was blue or white. The hashtag #MyBag became the new #TheDress, which brought the internet to a standstill in 2015 as people argued whether a dress was white and gold or blue and black.

Corso was clear about which team she is on.

However, plenty of others had their own opinions.

Kate Spade wasn't giving any definitive answer, instead enjoying the fun of everyone weighing in.

As the debate raged, Corso ultimately tried to make the best of it by starting an online fundraiser to help people with Type 1 diabetes as people obsessed over her tweet.

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