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'Bachelor' star defends letting her 6-year-old daughter get highlights

Amanda Stanton, who appeared on "The Bachelor," posted videos of her 6-year-old daughter, Kinsley, getting highlights in her hair.
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After appearing on \"The Bachelor,\" Amanda Stanton gained an impressive following on Instagram, where she documents her life with daughters Kinsley, 6, and Charlie, 5.Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images
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How young is too young for highlights?

That's what fans are asking after former reality TV star Amanda Stanton shared photos of her 6-year-old daughter getting her hair highlighted at a salon recently.

But Stanton, who appeared on Ben Higgins' season of "The Bachelor," is brushing off criticism that her daughter, Kinsley, is too young.

"Of course I got some messages saying she's too young etc...but I got a lot more saying 'I'm so glad you let her and didn't care what anyone negative had to say,'" Stanton wrote in an Instagram story, according to screenshot captured by People. "So, moral of the story is. Not everyone is going to agree with everything you do...& that's okay! We all are entitled to our own decisions and opinions and thoughts on parenting etc and not everyone is going to agree with you and that's OKAY."

She also pointed out that her daughter's hair is just barely highlighted.

Stanton, who also has a 5-year-old daughter named Charlie, had previously posted a string of playful photos of Kinsley joining Mom at the salon.

"Babe's first highlights," she wrote alongside one sweet photo.

Many people expressed concern about the message the California mom, 28, is sending her daughters.

"It's too much emphasis on looks, at too young an age," one person wrote. "That's the problem with today's society and girls never feeling good enough."

"We as women already have to fight so hard as it is with what the world's idea of what 'beautiful' looks like," another person wrote, in part. "I don't think it's just her hair that's being set up for damage...and that's heartbreaking."

Of course, plenty of people took Stanton's side, even pointing out that a day at the salon is perfect bonding time for a mom and daughter.

"My mom used to put tiny highlights in my hair when she would get hers done and it made me feel so pretty like her," one person wrote. "Love this! You two are adorable."