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By Kristin Granero

Babies may be small in size, but they also come with big responsibilities that can eat into your daily beauty routine. Luckily, you can save face with these soft and extremely effective beauty solutions, borrowed right from your little one (it’s never too early to teach sharing!). 


1. Safe Sweep 


Genie in a bottle? Johnson & Johnson’s beloved No More Tears Baby Shampoo, $4,, just might be magic with its paraben and soap-free formula. It's so gentle that the brand compares it to pure water, making it the perfect pick for washing away makeup around the eyes. And unlike other removers that emit harsh chemical odors, it boasts a fresh and soothing scent.

2. Press Refresh


The Honest Company Organic Baby Powder, $12,, offers a healthy take on baby’s first beauty staple with this talc-free alternative that's full of aloe vera. Sneak a few sprinkles for yourself to calm itchy winter skin. The hypo-allergenic helper also serves as a great dry shampoo for absorbing oil and adding volume in between showers. Exactly what a new mom needs!

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3. Goo-Getter


Great for the mama on the go! Stash these Yes to Baby Carrots Face and Nose Wipes, $6,, in your diaper bag or purse to keep you free from baby gunk (and embarrassment). In addition to lending a quick, cleansing hand when you need it most, the 98%-natural wonder wipes are soaked with vitamin E and organic carrots so they're extra gentle on skin.

4. Oil Change


If you or your baby are going through a dry patch, try this Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, $18,, that has essential fatty acids (including sweet almond oil) for added moisture. The 99-percent-organic formula can also double as a healthy couples massage oil for when the baby goes to bed.

5. Soothing Seal


Suffering from chapped or cracked lips? Reach for this Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm, $14, Typically used for soothing nipples while breastfeeding, it works double duty as an intense lip balm or repair cream for other trouble spots.

6. Essential Cover-up


Because babies aren't the only ones who need protection from rays, we suggest you slather mineral-based sunscreen on yourself as well. This Babyganics Cover Up Baby Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray, $11,, is hypo-allergenic and contains a 100% natural NeoNourish seed oil blend for keeping skin nourished. The fact that it’s super easy to apply and fragrance-free doesn't hurt.

7. Smooth Operator


The beauty brand that has a reputation for selling no-fuss products that offer a serious clean (without stripping skin of necessary oils) is now available for baby, too. Stash the paraben and tear-free CeraVe Face and Body Wash, $10,, in your shower for all of your family’s lathering needs.

8. Ultimate Unwind


If you’re having a tough time de-stressing after a long day, look to this Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath, $7, Created to sooth babies before bedtime, it’s formulated with oat extract to moisturize skin, and features soothing scents of lavender and vanilla for soaking your troubles away.

9. Pep Talk


Who says playtime is just for kids? Next time you need to let off a little steam, try letting loose with this Happy Tangerine Bubble Bath, $13, The sensitive-skin-friendly formula comes in an uplifting, citrusy scent that lingers for hours, so your feel-good wash stays with you all day.

10. Essential Vitamin


Ditch all those extra bottles while still ensuring soft skin with this 100%-natural Lavanila The Healthy Baby Lotion, $15, Not only is it chock-full of soothing oils (such as vanilla and calendula), but it also contains 30 essential vitamins.