Survey: You'll try 36 hairstyles in your lifetime...but will keep going back to the same cut

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Bad hair day? Hello, pixie. Sick of it? Time for a long bob. Bored yet? Let’s try long with layers. Now, cut bangs. Ugh. Grow bangs out. Maybe a sassy shag? Back to the pixie.

Yep, when it comes to hair styles, women can be fickle.

In fact, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reports, British women, on average, run through a whopping 36 hairstyles in their lifetimes.

Conducted by the hair care retailer, the survey found only 6 percent of respondents say they never stray from the same style, according to the newspaper, which adds that 41 percent report changing it up every two years, 19 percent go for a new ‘do annually, and four percent? Well they opt for a new hairstyle twice a year.

As for the most common hairstyles, nearly half of those surveyed wear their hair shoulder-length, 25 percent chin-length, 22 percent long and 6 percent cropped, the Daily Mail notes.

Color swaps don’t seem to occur quite as frequently, with a majority—about 33 percent—of those surveyed changing things up once every three years, according to the newspaper. Seventeen percent, by the way, say they’ve never dyed their hair. In other words, 17 percent of those surveyed are liars.

Now, tell us, it’s been about a year—do you think we should cut bangs again?

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