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By Michele Laufik

The average bra size in the U.S. has increased by DD-digits over the past three decades (in the land of plenty, it seems, our cups runneth over). National lingerie retailer Intimacy has determined, based on sales and customer response, that the average U.S. cup size has jumped from 34B in 1983 to 34DD in 2013, reports Racked.

Judy Blume's Margaret must be so proud.

The major increase isn't just because our bodies have become "bigger" as a general population—breasts are actually a mix of milk glands, connective tissue and fat—or because we’re implant and porn obsessed.

It’s because of Oprah and her boob crusade, plus better bra awareness overall.

"Instead of forcing D+ breasts into A to D cup bras, women are beginning to purchase larger cup sizes (G cup, for example) that actually fit properly," an Intimacy representative explained to Racked.

Usually, as you go down in band size, you need to increase cup size. So ladies who were sporting a 36D might have become a 34DD after a visit from the bra fitting fairy.

"[Twenty years ago] the American market carried less than 20 sizes, so women with bigger breasts squeezed into bras that were two or more cup sizes too small," added the Intimacy spokesperson. "Therefore, the idea that breast size is increasing is perhaps slightly inflated due to women actually purchasing larger (and more accurate) bras for themselves."

The right to bear unsquished tat-tas is an amendment that we think Lady Liberty would agree with.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.