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/ Source: TODAY
By Vidya Rao

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You know the drill: You’re ready to get home so you open up your purse to find your keys. You dig blindly, feeling around, knowing they’re in there, hoping they’re in there… wait, they’re in there right? Panic strikes, palms sweat as you rifle through the pockets until finally you feel the familiar cool metal on your fingertips. If only you could see clearly what’s in your purse and avoid all this stress!

The solution? The SOI Purse Light, a sleek automatic light that sits in your purse and is activated by the energy fields of your hand — not just motion — which prevents it from accidentally turning on in your bag. When you open up your bag, the light turns on, and when you find what you’re looking for and close it, the light turns off on its own, no switches necessary. The German-made light runs on AAA batteries, and can also be used as a travel light.

Reviews of the product on Amazon and Uncommon Goods are very positive, with one commenter saying he bought it as a gag gift for his wife because she bought herself a large purse, only the purse light was super useful and she ended up loving it!

SOI Purse Light

You can buy a pack of two for $60 on Amazon to gift, so you can gift one to a friend or just use in two different purses.

We’re not quite sure the makers’ claim that women spend 76 days of their lives searching in their purse is true, but we’re thankful for anything that prevents the panic of lost keys!