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Why not wear your wedding dress? How 1 mom started a trend

After her kids requested it, author Curtis Sittenfeld wore her wedding dress while stuck at home during coronavirus social distancing.
The author broke out her wedding gown 12 years after getting married.
The author broke out her wedding gown 12 years after getting married. Courtesy of Curtis Sittenfeld
/ Source: TODAY

Like many parents, Curtis Sittenfeld is going a little stir-crazy while staying at home with her two energetic kids. On Tuesday, the author found a unique way to break up the monotony of social distancing.

After a suggestion from her children, Sittenfeld broke out her wedding dress and veil and sat down for lunch at her kitchen table. The bestselling author of "Prep" and "American Wife" then shared an endearing photo of the moment with her Twitter followers.

"Social distancing Day 12: Today my kids wanted me to wear my wedding dress at lunch & I couldn’t think of a reason not to," she captioned the post.

Twitter users quickly reacted to the funny snapshot with the post garnering over 181,000 likes and 13,000 retweets in just one day.

"Like many parents, I've been trying to convey to my children the seriousness of what's going on, and how important social distancing is, while also trying to still have moments of fun," Sittenfeld told TODAY Style.

So when her kids asked her to don her wedding dress, Sittenfeld obliged and ventured into her basement to find the gown, which had been untouched for 12 years. "With some effort, I zipped it up, and they were shocked and amused by the sight," she said.

Sittenfeld's followers were also grateful for the lighthearted distraction during this stressful time, with some comparing it to a famous "Friends" scene.

Many were impressed that the author's gown still fit.

Sittenfeld's followers were so inspired by her post that many of them decided to break out their own wedding gowns and strike a pose while stuck at home.

After several days of lounging around in sweatpants, some women were happy to get all dolled up for a change.

A few clever ladies even got their husbands to rock their wedding suits!

Some moms asked their kids to join in on the fun.

A few of Sittenfeld's followers borrowed dresses from their moms.

While others got into the spirit by breaking out their prom dresses.

SIttenfeld was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction to her post, and hopes it inspires others to find their own ways to stay strong: "I'm glad at such a difficult time the image was a small thing that made people on Twitter smile."