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ASOS faces backlash for 'misleading' photo of dress

"It's very misleading."
ASOS is facing criticism for using binder clips to alter the fit of a dress online.
ASOS is facing criticism for using binder clips to alter the fit of a dress online.
/ Source: TODAY

What’s wrong with this picture?

ASOS is facing criticism after it posted a photo of a dress with binder clips clamped down the front, apparently to improve the fit of the dress around the model’s waist.

A Twitter user noticed the clips on the online retailer’s website and posted a screenshot, which quickly went viral.

The clips were no doubt supposed to be edited out before publication, and ASOS soon took down the photo and apologized on Twitter.

However, the damage had been done. Many people took ASOS to task for “clearly deceiving” shoppers about the fit of their clothing.

This is how the dress looked after ASOS apparently digitally edited out the clips. ASOS

“Can you stop adding clips because it’s misleading when the product arrives and is completely different in real life? Show us how it really fits,” one person tweeted.

“Why not clearly show how the dress fits, instead of changing it to fit in a different way than it clearly wouldn’t without the clip?” another person wrote.

Others said ASOS missed the mark when they apologized for letting the clips show in the photo, saying the real problem was that they had used clips at all.

Some shoppers were especially upset about the photo gaffe in light of ASOS’s new, stricter return policy.

Earlier this month, ASOS announced that it would be cracking down on serial returners — that is, people who “are ordering and returning loads (way, waaaay) more than even the most ASOS customer would order,” the retailer wrote in the updated return policy. “Some are wearing their ASOS purchases out and about, then returning them for a refund.”

Some people said the retailer was misleading people about how the dress would actually fit at home.

Many people pointed out that if ASOS isn’t accurately representing the fit of their clothing online, a lot of customers will return items because the clothes won’t fit the same way at home.

According to the retailer’s new policy, people can still return clothes if they don’t fit.

“You can still buy more than one size or colour, and yes, you can totally make returns if you don't like something or it doesn't look or fit right,” the policy from the British company reads.

Still, many people protested what they saw as false advertising.

“I'm sorry to hear that you're using clips at all,” one Twitter user wrote. “It's very misleading."

TODAY Style has reached out to ASOS for comment and will update this post if we hear back.