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Skinny shamed? Ashley Graham shoots down talk she's gotten thinner

You better think twice before telling Ashley Graham she looks different!
/ Source: TODAY

Ashley Graham wants people to know she hasn't lost weight recently.

The curvy supermodel talked to Glamour after posing as the publication's digital cover girl for November, discussing backlash she received for appearing to have lost weight in an Instagram post from October.

“It sucked that everybody had to go in on me like, ‘Oh, you lost so much weight,’” she said. "If these people actually knew me — which, you know, they don’t and maybe never will — they would know that my body just hasn’t changed.

“To be completely honest, I’ve gained weight in the last five years, not lost weight. If you actually look at my IMG Polaroids from when I first signed with them to now, you can tell I’m thicker. I mean, it’s just age. Geez. Whatever!”

Graham has been criticized for her figure in the past.

After posting workout videos on her Instagram account, she received comments claiming that she exercises to lose weight so she will no longer be considered a plus-size model. Graham didn't hesitate to set the record straight, saying she exercises to feel good and get energized.

After all, she doesn't let the hate stop her.

“You know, sometimes I write them back — like, one guy said to me, ‘Oh, you look pregnant,’ and I wrote back, ‘Oh no, honey, that’s just fat,’” she told Glamour.

Graham has recently designed her own size-inclusive denim collection, become the first curvy model to crack Forbes' list of the highest-paid models in 2017 and become a brand ambassador for Revlon.

She made waves in 2016, when she became the first plus-size model to make the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

“When you’re the first of something, you are always going to have to answer the hard questions,” she told Glamour. “People aren’t going to like you. People are going to hate you. People are going to be confused by you because you’re the new kid in town. But if you ask me, I’m not the new kid in town — this body’s been around for centuries and now I’ve just been given a voice.”