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This art student paints optical illusions directly on her face — and they're amazing

/ Source: TODAY

One Korean art student is taking the internet by storm with impressive optical illusions she paints on her own face.

Dain Yoon, 22, a senior at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul, spends her free time camouflaging herself as the sky, making her limbs transparent and adorning her face with multiple eyes and noses.

Yoon has been interested in art since she was young and studied drawing and painting throughout her childhood. She attended Yewon Arts secondary school and Seoul Arts high school, two of the most prestigious schools in Korea, she told TODAY in an email.

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Yoon got interested in optical illusions through her observations of people and, specifically, the idea that first impressions do not show every aspect of an individual. Her art aims to show the "multitudes of human perspectives."

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"I overlapped my face and part of my body so that they would [look as] one — transparent," Yoon wrote. "I intended to convey that what I see first may not necessarily be what I see."

Each illusion takes Yoon anywhere from three to 12 hours to create. She uses her own face and body as a canvas, so she needs to use a mirror while creating her work.

"This is a very difficult process," she explained. "Hours of painting through mirrors often makes me dizzy."

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The difficult process just may be worth it. Yoon has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and she also has her own way of measuring success.

"I would consider my art as a success to a certain extent if it successfully evoked some sort of interest/amuse in [the audience]," she said.