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This new tattoo trend has people getting inked in a smelly spot

Armpit tattoos have become the latest trend to take over Instagram, as more folks are getting inked in a sensitive and sometimes smelly spot.
/ Source: TODAY

Tattoos are definitely not for the faint of heart, but a growing number of brave souls have been getting inked in a place that has some people thinking "crazy" and others smelling "bravery."

Armpit tattoos have been popping up all over Instagram, leaving some folks cringing with secondhand pain and others feeling inspired. Some of the creative underarm designs we've seen include flowers, spiderwebs and even sharks.

While they sure look painful, how much do these tattoos really hurt?

Professional tattoo artist Tessia Elise, who has an armpit tattoo, claims that getting inked in such a sensitive spot is not as painful as one would think. However, it's the men who might be getting the short end of the stick.

"Females shave their armpits more often, so we’re gradually getting desensitized," Elise told TODAY. "It's more tender there for guys because they don't shave there as often."

Sorry, guys. This one might hurt a little!

Elise has done a handful of armpit tattoos and actually encourages people to consider that area of the body more often.

"It's silly, cute and fun," she said. "It's a great conversation starter and people get a good laugh out of it."

As for Instagram being flooded with thousands of eye-catching armpit tattoos, Elise is just happy that people are giving the armpit some love.

"People are seeing others doing it and being brave about getting a tattoo in their armpit, so now everybody's getting creative about the way they express themselves with ink on their bodies," she said.

For some, this might be the perfect spot for some ink, but for others, it's safe to say this needlework requires nerves of steel. (Hey, you could always go the temporary route!)