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Ariel Winter slams online body-shamers: 'I looked HOT in that dress'

Body-shamers, beware: Winter is coming — again!
/ Source: TODAY

Body-shamers, beware: Winter is coming — again!

Ariel Winter is once again putting online bullies on blast for how they talk about celebrities' physical appearances — including her own.

The 18-year-old "Modern Family" star took to Twitter on Wednesday with a message for detractors who made a fuss about the slinky dressshe wore to her graduation party.

"Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don't buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody," Winter tweeted.

She followed that by posting a confident selfie to Twitter and Instagram with a message to women urging them "embrace" themselves for who they are.

"Don't let those outside voices become your inner voice," wrote the actress.

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The teen star's fans know she's passionate when it comes to body acceptance, and has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who tries to shame girls and women for how they look and dress — even taking on school dress codes!

The actress famously took on online shamers after she was criticized for posting a photo of herself wearing a bikini in 2015.

"I typically never give power to the mean things people bravely say behind their computer screens on the Internet, but this is for the girls who are constantly bullied whether it be online or at school," Winter wrote on Instagram.

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"You are not asking for anything because of what you are wearing — you are expressing yourself and don't you ever think you deserve the negativity as the consequence to what you are wearing — YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL."