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Ariana Grande's hairstylist shares a rare glimpse of her natural curls

"Natural curls coming in strong."
Ariana Grande rocks natural curls
/ Source: TODAY

Ariana Grande almost always wears her hair straight in a high ponytail, so it’s easy to forget that her natural texture is actually curly!

Her hairstylist, Josh Liu, gave us a rare glimpse of the singer’s natural ringlets on Instagram.

Natural curls coming in strong with a little tlc,” he wrote in the caption.

It’s definitely a dramatically different look for Grande. For years, her signature style has been a long, sleek and very tight ponytail.

Ariana Grande rocks natural curls
Did you know Grande actually has curly hair?Getty Images

She's been wearing the look since a very young age, as she revealed in this cute throwback photo of herself.

"If anything...she's consistent," she wrote in the caption.

That said, the singer, 26, wore her natural curls as an up-and-coming teen star. She sported dark, flowing spirals back in 2008 when she made her breakout debut in the Broadway musical “13."

Ariana Grande rocks natural curls
So cute!Getty Images

She also revealed a glimpse of her natural texture in her recent Vogue cover.

And she recently shared this adorable home video of herself as a toddler with short ringlets.

These days, though, she tends to wear her hair pin-straight, or else styled into loose waves.

Ariana Grande rocks natural curls
She's the queen of the half-up, half-down ponytail.WireImage

Sometimes, she crimps a few strands of her ponytail, adding some texture to her otherwise-straight style.

Ariana Grande rocks natural curls
A long ponytail has become her signature style.Getty Images

After Liu posted the photo of Grande's curls, he posted another snapshot of the singer back to her signature look.

Chances are, it will be a while before her natural ringlets make another public appearance. Grande is always a major source of hair inspiration either way!