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Ariana Grande rocks a pig nose for her 'Twilight Zone'-inspired Halloween costume

The 26-year-old singer had been teasing the costume for days to her fans and followers.
/ Source: TODAY

Miss Piggy watch out!

Ariana Grande has been teasing her 2019 Halloween costume for days now, and finally — on the eve of the holiday — she gave fans what they had been waiting for.

Earlier this week, Grande shared images and clips on social media from an episode of the 1960s television show, "The Twilight Zone" titled “Eye of the Beholder."

In the episode, a woman is covered by bandages, having just had plastic surgery to make her face “normal.” When the doctors remove the bandages, she is actually revealed to be a beautiful woman.

However the doctors, whose faces the viewer can't see, declare the surgery failed. It’s then revealed that the doctors aren’t human themselves: They have pig-like faces with turned-up noses, and this is the look to be considered “beautiful” in this world.

Many of Grande's fan assumed she was going to be going as the beautiful woman from the episode, but in true Ariana-fashion: she trolled them, or should we say "pigged" them. Instead, she opted for the pig face look of the doctors in the episode, sharing to her followers on Thursday a black-and-white image of herself in the look, with the caption, "eye of the beholder."

In a subsequent post, she posted another pic of herself as the boar-ish (get it?) beauty, with the caption, "final procedure was a success," showcasing her sense of humor.

On Twitter, one fan guessed her costume correctly, sharing a photoshopped image of Grande donning the pig face before her big reveal. She responded: "when i tell u ...... my a*s spent five hours in prosthetics and glam .... so i could log on and discover i could’ve just hit you up for this f*ckin edit."