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Are you wasting your beauty products? How much you should actually be using

You've heard the saying "size matters" and when it comes to beauty products, that sentiment is most definitely true. But how much is enough?
/ Source: TODAY

You've heard the saying "size matters" and when it comes to beauty products, that sentiment is most definitely true. So when it comes to potions and lotions, how much is enough?

Jill Herzig, the editor-in-chief of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine, visited TODAY Thursday to clarify the portions you should actually be using. For more, see the March issue of The Good Life.

Body lotion

The amount: Half of a kiwi


Do you feel like you're always running out of body lotion? It's probably because you're using too much! You only need the size of about half of a kiwi to coat your entire body. Herzig reminds us that the best time to apply body lotion is immediately after the bath or shower.

Face moisturizer with SPF

The amount: One peppermint candy


The most important aspect of face lotion, is to make sure it has at least SPF 30. To ensure that you cover your face, neck and ears throughout the day, use a dab of moisturizer about the size of a peppermint candy.

Face cleanser

The amount: A blueberry


Stop throwing your face cleanser down the drain! You only need a spot about the size of a blueberry.


The amount: A snack cracker


We all love the satisfying lather of shampoo, but if you use too much you risk stripping the hair of its natural oils and leaving it dull, dry and prone to split ends. For someone with shoulder length hair, Herzig recommends an amount the size of a snack cracker spread flat on your hand.


The amount: A sugar cube


Conditioners often have a heavy, oily texture, so using too much can make hair look greasy or weighed down, says Herzig. When pouring condition, she suggests imagining filling a square the size of a sugar cube.


The amount: Pea-size for children, length of the bristles for adults


Children's toothpaste is specifically made to be safe to swallow, but too much can be harmful. Simply dab an amount the size of a pea. For adults, you should use the length of the the bristles as a guide (about 1 inch).

Shaving gel for men

The amount: A chocolate kiss

What's the secret to a smooth shave? Using the correct amount of shaving gel. Remember that it foams up even bigger in your hand, so the size of a chocolate kiss should suffice for your face. If you use too much, you may create a thick barrier that prevents your razor from reaching the stubble.


The amount: At least 1/4 cup measurement

This is the one product that you shouldn't skimp on — always err on the side of more. Herzig recommends using at least 1/4 cup to shield your skin from the sun's rays for about 90 minutes. Then, apply the same amount again.

Self-tanning foam

The amount: An Oreo cookie

Self-tanning foam can be extremely tricky. You don't want to turn out looking like Garfield with orange stripes! To prevent streaks and splotchiness, Herzig suggests picturing the size of a sandwich cookie like an Oreo for each limb. For covering your face, smear a dime-size amount only on places where you'd tan naturally like your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and your chin.