Are you attached to your bra size?


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By Matt Murray

One company is challenging the classic 32-B, 36-D, 34-C bra sizing, relying on volume to provide support.

Underwear giant Jockey plans to leave traditional sizing behind in favor of a new system that will feature 55 different sizes.

The new Jockey bra Fit Kit includes 10 volumetric fit cup sizes (1-10) and a color-coded measuring band.

The brand's director of women's design, Miryha Fantegrossi, came on TODAY to explain the new sizing strategy. "We know that (women) are not happy with the (current) sizing system," she said. "This is as close to custom-fit as you can get."

Are you attached to your bra size, or do you think it's time the measurement system got an update? Vote below.