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Are these 32-length pants for real? Company ridiculed for sending absurdly long jeans

After a man tweeted a photo of the absurdly long jeans he received from online retailer ASOS, other customers shared similar mix-ups.
/ Source: TODAY

A British man who needed some jeans to fit his 32-inch legs is wondering if maybe online retailer ASOS has mistaken him for some sort of fictional giant roaming the earth in denim.

George Riggall, 20, from Leicester, England, posted a photo of the absurdly long jeans he received next to a pair of his regular-sized jeans, letting ASOS know the pair they sent has him resembling a scuba diver in flippers. Mashable was among the first to catch on to his dilemma.

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The side-by-side comparison left people alternately cracking up and offering to help him out.

The company immediately responded to Riggall, saying they would look into the mix-up.

In a comment to NBC News, an ASOS spokeswoman said the pants were a new product called "Super Skinny Longline Stacker Jeans."

They are cut longer "to allow a gathered effect at the ankles," the rep said, including a link to some photos of how to wear them.

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Riggall also learned that he is not alone in receiving jeans from ASOS that look more suited to a 7-foot NBA center.

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