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Andy Cohen and Hoda Kotb joke about having the same hairstyle in college

While co-hosting the fourth hour of TODAY, Andy Cohen couldn't help but notice that he and Hoda had very similar hairstyles in their younger years.
/ Source: TODAY

Did Andy Cohen and Hoda get their hair done by the same person back in the day?

The “Watch What Happens Live” host (and new dad to son Benjamin) filled in as guest host on the fourth hour of TODAY Tuesday, and he and Hoda had a good laugh while sharing some throwback photos of themselves with hair that looked remarkably similar.

Hoda first shared a picture of herself while a student at Virginia Tech.

Hoda Kotb and Andy Cohen rocked a similar look in their younger years.

“I gotta tell you something. The face has not changed. The hair has evolved,” Cohen joked.

“By the way, that took a lot of work, that hair,” Hoda responded.

“That hair looks fairly contained based on some pictures I’ve seen of you,” Cohen said.

“I worked hard ... I was blow drying it all morning,” Hoda admitted.

Cohen wasn’t off the hook, though. When he shared a throwback photo of him and his college roommate, he couldn't help but notice an uncanny resemblance to Hoda's photo.

“Look at that hair! Look ... I have the same hairdo that Hoda had in her picture. That’s insane!” he exclaimed.

Cohen also dished on how Hoda put his mind at ease about becoming a dad at the age of 50. "You really talked to me about it and I did not think twice after that conversation."

Cohen believes Ben was meant to arrive in his life now.

“He was not supposed to come earlier," he said. "I was in a different place. And now I’m in this place. And it’s great.”