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/ Source: TODAY
By Aline Peres Martins

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This week, Ambush Makeover is back with two transformations that will knock your socks off!

Style expert Jill Martin and celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari plucked two lucky ladies from the TODAY plaza for a morning filled with hair and makeup and fresh new looks.

From a lifelong, selfless teacher who is in New York City for the first time to a gym teacher with two kids who tends to throw her hair up in a ponytail, these two women are ready for a fresh new look.

Read on for everything you need to recreate the looks at home!

Donna Hill

Visiting New York City on a girls trip with her family (the 'Golden Girls') for the first time ever, Donna has been a teacher all her life. Usually the type to take care of others, the 72-year-old from California is ready to be pampered.

Abstract Print Tunic, $89, Clara Sunwoo

Abstract Print Pants, $79, Clara Sunwoo

The exact pattern Jill picked for Donna isn't available online, but you can pick up this similar floral pattern instead. Perfect for spring, the matching shirt and pants make for a flattering look.

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Granita Tassel Earrings, $38, Baublebar

To accent the abstract prints of Donna's outfit, Jill picked a set of beaded tassel earrings. They provide just enough bling without being too over-the-top!

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Jen Penn

Celebrating her grandma's 80th birthday with her family on the plaza this morning, Jen was excited to change up her look! The 31-year-old gym teacher from Michigan has two kids and two jobs and hasn't been able to afford a hair appointment, so she's ready for something different.

Liquid Leather Zip Jacket, $179, Clara Sunwoo

A nice leather jacket is the staple everyone needs for spring! It matches with nearly everything, and adds both edge and sophistication to any outfit.

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Performance Stretch Skinny Jeans, $89, Ann Taylor

Comfortable, stretchy jeans? Say no more! Jill picked a universally flattering set of skinny jeans for Jen's new look.

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Rianne Drop Earrings, $44, Baublebar

Beaded white earrings are absolutely perfect for warm weather outfits. Jill picked a pair of Baublebar earrings that dress up any casual look.

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