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Alyssa Milano defends 'totally safe' crochet face masks after Twitter attacks

The 47-year-old actress was on the defensive after a photo she shared sparked intense scrutiny.
/ Source: TODAY

Alyssa Milano responded to a person on Twitter who criticized her for wearing a crochet face mask.

Milano first shared a pic of her family preparing for a trip in the car, all wearing face masks. Milano's covering looked like it had been crocheted.

"Show me your masks," she tweeted to her 3.6 million followers. "Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask."

Well, many people quickly attacked the actress, noting that a crochet mask may not be the safest thing. The conversation caused her to be a top trending subject on the social media platform.

"A crocheted mask........everytime I think you could not be any dumber, you prove me wrong," one person wrote.

"So knitted face mask are going to protect you from Covid-19," another added. "Alyssa Milano you are a special kind of stupid."

The 47-year-old actress responded to this person, explaining that the "mask has a filter in it," adding, "A carbon one. My mom makes them."

She also tweeted a photo of what the filter looks like, so people can understand how they work.

While many seemed to attack her for the post, some articulated their support for Milano instead.

One person shared a photo of what crochet face masks looks like on the other side.

"What a metaphor for life," another person wrote. "Idiots judging something on the surface without knowing what lies beneath... do better people."