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Alisa and Jason

/ Source: TODAY

About the bride: Alisa Monnier is 25 years old. She is a communications specialist.

About the groom: Jason Alexander is 31 years old. He is an advertising executive.

Time together: 3.5 years

Engagement date: February 10, 2007

Why he's the one: "What really got me is his personality. He makes me laugh so hard. He has such a warm heart, and just feels like family to me."

Why she's the one: "Besides the fact that she's gorgeous and I couldn't stop thinking about her the first time I met her, she's a delight with such an incredible zest for life. I can't wait to get my life started with her."

Their story: Was it fate that brought Alisa and Jason together? They say they owe their union to a mutual friend who introduced them at work … but perhaps their connection was destined long before...

Alisa was planning a vacation to a small city in Japan where she had family.  She happened to be discussing this with one of her co-workers.  When she told him where in Japan she was going, he suggested she talk with Jason because he believed Jason’s family too came from Japan.  They agreed to meet over coffee, which Jason didn’t even drink at the time and soon discovered that against the odds, their families were both from the same place.

Both, Jason’s grandmother and mother were born Kokura, a city in southern Japan. And if you believe in coincidences, Alisa’s mom was born there as well.  Both of their immediate families have been living in the United States, but both still have family back in Japan as well.

When they sat down to talk, Alisa was immediately taken by Jason’s personality.  He made her laugh and his warmth overtook her.  Jason says it was Alisa’s zest for life that won his heart and her outgoing personality that was the perfect fit for him.  While Alisa can be eccentric, Jason plays the reserved role.  He says the only thing that drives him nuts about Alisa is when she puts her feet up on the dashboard while he’s driving.

When Jason was ready to pop the question, he chose to whisk her away on a weekend Paris! He kept all details top secret. About an hour before heading out to the airport, Jason handed Alisa her passport. They were Paris-bound hours later.

He got down on his knee at The Paris Opera and Alisa was so overwhelmed she "cried her eyes out."

They anxiously await their moment to say "I do," explore the world, and eventually start a family.