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Alexander Skarsgård's fans have strong feelings about his extreme new haircut

The internet can't handle Alexander Skarsgard's unexpected new hairstyle.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you sitting down? Because this is the most surprising haircut we’ve seen since … well, we can’t remember when!

Alexander Skarsgård has shaved his head, which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that he only shaved off the top of his hair, making it look like he went partially bald overnight.

Alexander Skarsgård looks ... different.Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

The Swedish actor, 41, just debuted the unexpected new look at a Louis Vuitton exhibition opening in New York.

His new look is probably for a role in the upcoming drama “The Hummingbird Project.”Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being bald, partly bald or anything in between. In fact, it can be attractive (we're looking at you, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham!). But Skarsgård’s fans were stunned to see the actor, who usually rocks sexy, tousled blond hair — or even long, flowing locks for his role in 2016’s “The Legend of Tarzan” — suddenly appear with a dramatically receding hairline.

Larry David, is that you?Daniel Zuchnik / WireImage

People had plenty to say on social media about his shocking new ‘do, with many fans pleading for the “Big Little Lies” star to re-grow his trademark strands.

Now this is how we're used to seeing Skarsgård.REX via Shutterstock

But Skarsgård's fans probably shouldn’t despair. Word is, he adopted his bold, bald new look for his role in the upcoming drama “The Hummingbird Project,” which started filming this week.

If that is the case, hats off to Skarsgård for some serious dedication to his art!