Alessia Cara explains the meaning behind her giant suit on TODAY

The big suit mystery has been solved!
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

The TODAY crew just solved one of life's greatest mysteries: Why has Alessia Cara been wearing such big suits?

While performing on the Friday show, Cara wore an oversized suit similar to the one she rocks in the video for her new song "Growing Pains," and the singer had the perfect witty response when asked about the unconventional look.

"I just wanted to look like you, that's the truth" she joked to Craig Melvin, before explaining the real reason behind her big suits.

"It's like an artistic way of symbolizing the idea of growing up. Sometimes you kind of feel like you're drowning and you feel like you're not ready for the roles life throws at you so this was my way of symbolizing it in an artistic way," Cara told TODAY.

The "Scars to Your Beautiful" singer released the first single from her upcoming sophomore album earlier this summer after teasing a photo of herself wearing her now-famous big suit on Instagram.

In the video for "Growing Pains," Cara can be seen wearing an oversized shirt and interacting with a crowd of adults wearing suits. Later on in the video, Cara is underwater wearing an oversized suit herself.

Since the song's debut, the 22-year-old has sported the giant suit on several occasions, and even explained the symbolism behind the look on her Instagram page, writing, "suit symbolism: the oversized suit visually represents the idea of growing up too fast, or trying to fit ourselves into roles that can feel too large to handle. we aren’t always prepared for life when it runs towards us full speed. sometimes it feels like we’re drowning in it a little, sometimes it’s mundane and stagnant. that’s what the suit is. I know some of you were wondering and I felt I should answer. I truly hope you enjoy the new world I’ve been working on for you."

Call it nostalgia, but Cara's big suit is bringing us major '80s vibes. After seeing it for the first time, we couldn't help but think about Talking Heads singer David Byrne's "big suit" from the concert film "Stop Making Sense."

Singer David Byrne made a big suit famous in the '80s.Getty Images

And is it just us, or is the look a little reminiscent of the younger version of Tom Hanks' character Josh Baskin (played by David Moscow) in the movie "Big" from 1988?

David Moscow's character in "Big" also sported an oversized suit.20th Century Fox

Whether you like or love Cara's suit, you have to admit her TODAY-themed orange tie is pretty awesome!