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Are Al Roker's new yellow glasses his wildest pair yet?

His new glasses made their debut on the first day of summer!
/ Source: TODAY

Al Roker has been basking in compliments since the debut of his stylish periwinkle glasses in March, but the latest step in his eyewear journey may be one too far.

His fellow TODAY co-anchors believe he crossed a frontier Friday that only the boldest style mavens have the courage to pass. Is the world ready for Al in yellow-framed glasses?

Al in yellow glasses
What do we think, America? Bold choice of glasses for Al, or a bridge too far? Nathan Congleton/TODAY

"I think I speak for all of America,'' Craig Melvin said to Al on TODAY. "What is happening?"

"What do you mean?" Al said. "It's the first day of summer."

The TODAY co-anchor has also worn some classy purple and red frames on the show from eyewear brand Dom Vetro since breaking out the periwinkle.

His co-anchors believe his choice to bring the sunshine with his latest glasses may be the point of no return.

Al's stylish eyewear has cut across the color spectrum and become a viral sensation along the way. NBC

"We're gonna have an intervention during the commercial break,'' Craig said.

Savannah Guthrie, who was as much of an enthusiast about the periwinkle glasses as anybody, tried to let Al down gently when assessing the yellow frames.

"Al, you know I love you, and I've supported you in this glasses journey you're on, but this might be just one step too far,'' she said.

However, as the morning went on, she began to reverse her stance.

"They're growing on me,'' she said in the second hour of TODAY.

As for Craig, he will be somewhere shaking his head at the yellow glasses.

"You're really sweating!" Al told him.

"Maybe it's the heat from those glasses,'' Savannah added.

It turns out Craig might be on the wrong side of popular opinion, considering his own mother gave her approval to Al's look.

"By the way, Betty Jo Melvin likes the glasses,'' Al said with glee.

"Oh God, my mother, she chimed in,'' a defeated Craig said. "She likes the glasses."