Airline crew salutes woman's 40th anniversary with wedding march down the aisle

/ Source: TODAY

One woman celebrated her recent wedding anniversary by walking down the aisle again — only this time, she was on an airplane.

She wore a toilet paper veil and carried a bouquet as she made her way past fellow passengers to her husband on a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore to San Diego. The couple, who were on their way to Hawaii, were celebrating their 40th anniversary by going on a second honeymoon, the airline told TODAY.

"When the flight attendants learned of this, they had the idea that in addition to creating a veil... they would do a wedding march during the flight," a spokesman said. "They took it a step further — making a bridal bouquet in a coffee cup, with blue toilet paper flowers for 'something blue.' They made the groom a boutonniere for his shirt."

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The airline posted a video on Twitter of the makeshift "wedding" aboard the flight, which was last December. The couple hasn't been identified.

"Ladies and gentleman, we're about to have a wedding here," a flight attendant announces over the speaker in the video. "We have our bride back here. She's going to walk down the aisle to her husband of 40 years. They are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. They're traveling to Hawaii today. I have miss Bonnie back here and Dennis up front waiting for his bride."

Of course, no wedding is complete without a kiss: "Kiss your bride, you've got to do it in front of everybody," the flight attendant yelled, as fellow passengers cheered and clapped.

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The spokesperson added that Southwestern Airlines flight attendants often create veils for passengers celebrating weddings or anniversaries.

We hope the happy couple enjoyed their vacation!