Advice from teen in 'do-disaster video: 'Don't burn off your hair'

The teenager known for burning her hair off in an online beauty tutorial gone wrong got a few tips from a pro Wednesday to prevent it from happening again.

Tori Locklear posted her video last week on YouTube, where it has received more than 15 million hits. The 13-year-old aspiring cosmetologist actually filmed it back in October, but only got to post it recently after getting her computer privileges restored.

“I had bad grades at the time, so I got my laptop taken away,” she said in an interview from the TODAY makeup and hair room. “When I got it back, I was going through my pictures and videos and I saw that, and I was laughing hysterically.”

Locklear has had to rely on her sense of humor since the burnt section of hair is still growing back.

In the video, the eighth-grader tells viewers, “I’m basically just teaching you guys how to curl my hair.” She then wraps a segment of her hair around a large-barreled curling iron, along with several thinner sections.

“Then count 20. Count 20 or longer actually,” she tells viewers.

She slowly realizes what happened to her hair once she releases the iron’s clamp.

“Oh my god,” she whispers in disbelief as she looks at the lock of hair left in the curling iron. “You’re kidding me.”

After a long silence, she looks back at her hair in the mirror, and then at the camera and announces, “My hair just burnt off.”

Locklear got an in-person tutorial Wednesday from celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, who provided her with several tips. First, make sure the hair is completely dry. Previously, Locklear had used a leave-in conditioner, probably leaving her hair too damp to curl.

Next, don’t leave the hair in the iron for very long. Twenty seconds, he said, is overkill.

“I think five to seven seconds is enough,” he said as he started curling Locklear’s hair.

While Locklear was somewhat embarrassed by what happened to her, she said the attention her video has received has brought her to TODAY, as well as an appearance a day earlier on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Although she cautioned others, "Don't burn off your hair, " she tempered her warning with, “Well, in this case, it’s good to, because I got to experience all this.”

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